Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A note from a happy customer!

Dear Camperman,

We still look back on this trip and only regret that it was 22 days, too short!  But 22 beautiful days and excellent behaviour of Camperman service and excellent behaviour of your vehicle.Thanks again and hope to make again a likewise trip in the future.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some more Customer Feedback!

All is OK for me, thanks. I really enjoy my time, thanks to the freedom of moving with a campervan.
I will not hesitate to contact you if need be.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

YAY! Happy Customers --

Fantastic trip. Pity it has to end tomorrow... this is the first time I've checked email since I picked up the van:-). I'll write more when I get back to Shanghai.
Cheers from Cairns!

Camperman Australia LOVES a happy customer!

We really enjoyed travelling with the camper. We had no problems, everything has gone very well.
I will recommend it too everyone if they are planning to go to Australia.

Thank you very much

Customer Feedback!

We spend two beautiful weeks in North QLD with the Camper van. It was a great experience, partly thanks to the your service. Every thing was fine from the beginning to the end and the preparation and the material available with the Camping van was really good. Cheers

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On road feedback from Camperman customers!

hi there, yeah we are still enjoying our trip, just wish it was for longer now!! Thanks.

Customer Feedback!

We are just back in Belgium after an unforgettable trip through Australia, we really enjoyed it, also the 10 days with the camper.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Camperman Australia LOVES a happy customer!

Thank you for your email. I apologise for not getting back to you before now but this is the first I have checked my emails. We had an excellent time in our camperman. We returned it to the Brisbane depot this evening, thanks a lot!

Feedback time...

Thx for your mail, everything with the van is perfect, no worries.

Feedback-- =)

Thanks for your email and yes we are enjoying our journey and your camper van is working very well.

Customer Feedback =)

Thanks guys for the facebook add. Have done a trip around Aus with you and loved my travels!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another Amazing Feedback!!

Starting in Airlie Beach with our Camper, we drove up all the way to Mission Beach.
The way up there wasnt that easy- we quickly found out that in this country people like to drive on the 'wrong' side and that seems to be the reason for the 'wrong' position of the steering wheel (we did not try to fix that).
At MissionBeach Sanctury we survived a night in the jungle with a lot of insects, lizards and geckos. So the first night with our van was a very new experience, allthough we did not use the van for sleeping, (yes,the insects were in the hut we slept in;-).....
The time then at the north beaches of Cairns, Yorkeys Knob and Port Douglas was pretty comfortable- nothing we needed was missing, also the washing line was included in the van. A campervan is perfect to be free, allowed to do what you just want, to sleep where you want and to have everything with you to get a good barbecue directly after kitesurfing at Yorkeys Knob for example - and we recommend this to do!!
We really enjoyed the trip - Thanks

Thorsten Simon & Karin Stern, Munich, Germany

Some awesome customer feedback!

Our trip began with one male and two females, to which one of them didn't wanted to camp.
We traveled all over Queensland and to the borders of NT, and we had a great time.  The van we had was fantastic.  We had no problems at all with the van, and everything worked the way it was suppose too.  We happen to travel around 7000 kms and the dial was already around the 250000 kms mark, but the engine sounded great and we never had any fear of the van breaking down.   The sleeping arrangement was one up top and two on the bottom, to which being a big guy I was pretty comfortable  and so was the ladies.
Thanks Camperman Australia for a great van and fantastic memories.
Damian, Kim and Kaylin

Monday, August 8, 2011

New Camper model!

Hi bloggers, I have a new model Camper that we're introducing to the Camperman fleet today  - The all new" Paradise Family-5 (A 30% larger hi-top camper!!)

"The Paradise Family 5 seat high top campervan is a current shape Toyota Hiace vehicle 2006-2008 model. It offers travelling families the freedom to choose your own path around Australia, with facilities to sleep up to 5 people (2 double beds and a 2 man tent provided for the kids to give the parents some peace!) and optional child seats. The ‘Paradise Family high top campervan is the best way to see Australia! Featuring a larger fridge, cooking facilities, running water and plenty of space, the stylish  and comfortable Paradise Family 5 seat high top is the perfect travel companion for families looking to save money and not have to drive a larger camper truck that uses large amounts of fuel without sacrificing comfort and reliability."

It has seating for 5 inside and 2 double beds with a 2 man tent provided (with camp rolls etc) to spread the 5 passengers out when sleeping.

Call Brad on 1800 216 223 for prices and availability.

Ciao for now

More delightful feedback!


In the mean time, our holiday has ended and we're back in Belgium. Everything was perfect with the campervan and we had one of our best holidays ever.

Thank you very much!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Check out these customer happy snaps! Why wouldn't you want a Camperman van...looks like fun!!

Happy campers.

Just letting you know that the van is travelling very well, and that we are having a great time.

Customers love Camperman vans!

We returned the van yesterday - it was brilliant - it ran fantastically well and was very comfortable. We had no problems at all.

Many thanks


more customer feedback...

Our holiday was excellent! Camperman Van did his job well. 

Yesterday evening we arrived already in Brisbane, tomorrow morning we will turn it. Is about 10:00 ok for you? 

Do you know how the transport is from the Campervan collection point to the airport?
Kind regards,

Gerke Visser

Feedback time...

Everything is ok, we are having great experiences in Australia!

Feedback time...

We collected our camperman without any problems, thanks for asking! Tomorrow we will leave Sydney and so far we have a perfect holiday.
Best Regards,

2 days free special

Hi all - just letting everyone know that Camperman's free day special is back on for bookings up to the 30th November 2011!!!!


  • Book 24 days and get 4 days free
  • Book 36 days and get 6 days free
  • Available ex Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne only
  • For travel between 1st Aug and 30th Nov 2011
Get in early as when they are booked out there wont be ant more released for 2011.